Thomas Keunebroek


I am a French Computer Science Student and this website is aimed at introducing myself as well as presenting the main projects I've been working on during the past few years. I may even start blogging around when I get the chance.

I'm passionate about new technologies, especially about web and mobile. I am specialized in software design, human-computer interaction and UI crafting. I take a lot of interest in making user experience as great as possible.

At this point, you can have a look at my projects, check out my resume and get in touch with me. Browse safe ! :)

Contact me

Personal info

Thomas Keunebroek
3, rue Paul Claudel
95130 Le Plessis Bouchard
Email address
thomas keunebroek gmail com

About this website

This website has been created using Twitter's famous Bootstrap, a powerful CSS framework.

Its design has been highly inspired by Bootswatch's "Amelia" theme. Bootswatch is a service that provides a simple API to create custom Bootstrap themes and has some nice templates that come pretty much out of the box.